Friday, September 29, 2006

In search of jeans

Today my goal is to find a pair of jeans that fit me. I'm 5 feet tall and full figured. It's so hard to find jeans and pants that fit me. My waist is much smaller than my hips, so normally I buy a bigger size so they will fit my bottom half and the waist is always too big ... sigh.

All of my clothes are too big ... I've lost weight without even trying. I guess running around after Griffin and eating less because I'm feeding him is paying off.

Anyway ... G and I are off on a "Jeans Finding Adventure" this morning ... wish us luck.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Elmo TMX

So, last week my mother-in-law called me to let me know she was going to Toys 'R Us to look for a Tonka truck for Griffin. She wants one for her house in Florida when we come to visit. She calls me back a little later to let me know they didn't have any ... but she bought Griffin an Elmo instead. I was excited ... he has several little plastic Elmo toys ... but not a big fluffy one. We thanked her and said good-bye.

So, then I was watching The View and they were talking about the TMX 10th Anniversary Elmo and I got really excited ... I'm thinking ... oh my GOSH ... did she get one of these? I've heard how hard they are to find.

So, I called her back and told her the "hard to find" story and she went to look at the box ... no ... it's what she called a "regular" Elmo ... not the 10th anniversary. We are still very excited about the Elmo she bought him and thanked her again.

Well ... about an hour later she calls me. She had to go to Walmart to pick up a prescription and she found the Elmo TMX ... and ... she bought him one of those too!

Can you believe what a GREAT mother-in-law I have?

She is absolutely the BEST Grandma ever ...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wednesday ... It's Gym Day!

Wednesday ... it's Mommy & Me Day at the gym.

Griffin has so much fun running around and playing with his friends. It's two hours of extremely fun play ... and rarely do I have to say "no" during this time.

These pictures were taken last Wednesday ...

Tossing balls on the big rainbow parachute

So much to do ... so little time

Playing with the bouncy balls

Okay ... so I know these are not supposed to be in his mouth ...

Exploring the tunnels ...

Climbing ...

Who's in there ????

I'm really looking forward to today ... it will be nice to have some adult conversation with the other Mommyies while our little ones play.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fall is beginning ...

Fall is beginning to show her colorful splendor here in Virginia ... the leaves are slowly sprouting their gorgeous fall colors.

Mmmmmmmmm ... Fall ... my favorite season of the year ...

I took these pictures from my front porch this morning. It may not look like much yet ... but just you wait ... another month or so, and our area will be exploding with reds, oranges, yellows, purples ... I can not wait!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday ... Monday ...

It's Monday ...

I did not turn the computer on at all this weekend ... it felt so good. I'm not sure I will be able to do that every weekend, but THIS weekend I decided NO computer.

Griffin had a rough night last night. He woke up three times last night, the first time at 11 pm ... first time he had poopy (sorry to be so graphic) ... he NEVER goes poopy while sleeping ... I don't know what was up with that. I think it scared him because he just would not settle down. He had the heart-breaking crying going on ... he was wailing as if he did not want Mike or me to leave the room. Finally, he settled down ... but he woke up 2 more times after that ... exhausting! I thought maybe he would sleep in this morning, and he did a little ... but he was up by 6:45. I'm thinking he will go down for an early nap today.

Mike took a of picture of G and me this weekend ... trying to get Griffin to sit still and actually LOOK at the camera is almost an impossible task these days.

I'm thinking about using this as my new "Blog Picture" ... I'm usually the one behind the camera so there are very few pictures of me with my little one. I'm going to ask Mike to take a few more to see if we can get some better ones.

This is the full color version

Same picture ... black & white

I'm thinking I like the black and white version better ... what do you think?

After seeing these pictures, I realized I really do NOT like my hair at all. I'm really a wash & wear kind of girl these days, so whatever is easy, works for me ... but there is no style to my hair at all. I definately need to make an appointment to see Connie when we go to Florida. Do you ever watch The View? I'm loving Joy Behar's hair ... but it looks like ALOT of work, and I just do not have the time ... so I do not really know what I want ... I'll figure something out.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Me & My Shadow ...

I just LOVE these pictures ...

If you are a previous reader of my blog, you know one of my very favorite things in life is going for our family walk.

The other day I snapped these pictures while we were strolling along ...

Daddy & G

Daddy with G on his shoulders and Mommy

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bindi, DWTS, The View & More

Is this not one of the cutest vanilla wafer eating, apple juice drinking, dump truck driving boys you've ever seen? Ha ... he had so much fun playing on the back deck with his new truck ...

Did anyone notice I changed the color of my blog? I got tired of the green and decided to change ... really ... I tried every color in the template catalog and this new color is just how I'm feeling right now. I would love, love, love to know how to make a new banner for the top of my blog ... maybe one with G's picture on it ... but right now, it's staying the same old ordinary way it is. Also ... I've added a few new links. And I promise to update my picture when I get one that I like ... considering that picture is a year old!

Last night I was watching the news and they were covering Steve Irwin's (Crocodile Hunter) memorial service in Australia. Bindi Irwin his 8-year-old daughter made a speech about how much she loved her Daddy and how he was her hero and how she and her family would continue educatating people about wildlife. This young girl did this speech with grace and courage ... in front of 5,000 people. I was amazed how well she did ... I feel so bad for the Irwin family. Steve died far too young. I honestly feel we will see great things from Bindi Irwin.

Dancing With The Stars Is Back for season three. It's pretty good. The first week my favorites were Mario Lopez and Emmit Smith. Week two my favorites were Joey Lawrence, Emmitt Smith and Willa Ford. Joey and his partner did an EXCELLENT job ... they just flowed across the dance floor while doing the quick step. Emmitt & Cheryl ... they just have a natural appeal about them. Willa and her partner did a very fun, high energy mambo. Mario Lopez didn't follow the rules ... I was disappointed ... the routine he and his partner did was not even a quick step. Anyway ... Shana Moakler was sent home last night.

The View ... okay ... so I have always LOVED Rosie O'Donnell and I was really looking forward to her joining The View. Now, I'm not so sure how I like her on The View. I know it will take some time to get used to her sharing the desk with other people, and she IS the moderator, so she will probably talk more than the others. My opinion ... the others need to talk more. The first two weeks I felt it was all about Rosie. This past week, I feel like the others are feeling a bit more comfortable having her there. Yesterday when the former governor of New Jersey was on, I expected Rosie to be in charge of the interview. I was surprised to see Elizabeth conducting the majority of the interview instead ... good job Elizabeth!

Racheal Ray ... not sure how much I like this show, even though I LOVE her and have all of her cookbooks. I've watched it only twice, the first one I watched Oprah was on. I was a bit embarrassed about the way Rachael acted. I realize Oprah is her mentor and put her show on the air ... but she really acted school girlish. I tivo'd yesterday's show and watched about the first 10 minutes of it ... I found it boring. She was talking about her first day of school and the lunch she took in her lunch box. The show is about making school lunches healthier for kids. Great topic ... but it was boring. Well, I'm not going to say the entire show was boring because I haven't seen all of it ... but the first 10 minutes ... boring.

I'm elated ... Grey's Anatomy is coming back on tonight ... 'nuf said.

Hope everyone has a GREAT day!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Comfort Food ...

Mike and I were in the mood for comfort food ... so being from the south, is there anything better than COUNTRY comfort food?

This is what I decided to make ...

Pan seared pork chops with carmelized onions

Fried Okra ... yum!

Black eyed peas with snaps ... gotta have those snaps.

Corn bread ... LOVE this pan Mike bought me from Cracker Barrell.

Corn On The Cob ...

And finally ... banana pudding ... haven't made this in years!

We were soooooooo stuffed when we finished dinner ... the time and effort to complete this meal was TOTALLY worth it!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The House Addition

I don't think I've ever shared pictures of the house addition Mike is working on ... and I can hardly believe it.

He's been working hard on this addition for awhile now, doing most everything himself. He works on it on the weekends and after getting home from work.

He's doing such a good job ...

We're adding a two car garage, a bedroom/bathroom above that ... and he's even added an extra office space for me.

Here's some pictures of his work in progress ...

This is a picture of the addition from the back, that little area between the new addition and the house will be my office space.

Going up ... he had to rent a lift the other day because when the Hurricane Ernesto winds came through they blew some of the Tyvek down, so he had to have a way to get waaaay up there and fix it.

Mother Nature can wreck havok on a building project ...

But, as you can see ... Mike fixed it .... he also took this time to finish up some of the siding on that very tall wall

This is a picture of the addition from the front of the house ... it will be soooo nice to have a garage to park in ... especially during the winter.

Thanks honey for everything you do ... I love you!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Griffin's New Shoes ...

Since Griffin has been wearing sandals all summer, he's not been wearing his tennis shoes. The other day Mike went to put his tennies on him, and they were too tight. So, we went out and bought him new tennis shoes.

These aren't just ANY old tennis shoes ... they have BOB THE BUILDER on them, AND they light up ... he was soooooooooooo happy with his new shoes. He kept walking around looking at them ... thought I would share some pictures of G wearing his new tennies for the first time.

Watching his steps ...

Wow ... these are coooooool shoes ...

I could never get him to look at the camera ...
His eyes were fixed on his new shoes.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I'm Back ...

I'm back online ... and it feels good.

Sometimes I wonder if I give Griffin the attention and time he deserves. This past week since I was not online much, I know I was a good Mommy ... I just feel it. It made me look at things in a new way. I love my son, and he is THE most important thing in the world to me ... and he will know that each and every day of his life.

I celebrated my 39th birthday on Thursday ... it's really hard to believe I'm 39 years old. I used to think 39 was sooooo old. I don't feel old. Sometimes I look around me and see others the same age as me. They all seem so grown up. And then I look at my life and realize, yes I am an adult. I have a family, responsibilities, things that matter.

I had to take Griffin back to the doctor on Friday (again!). He again was not acting like himself, laying around, a slight cough, and fever (101). Mostly we thought it was because he was teething, but on Friday I could really tell he didn't feel good so I took him back to the doctor. Another ear infection. Ten days ago we were at the doctor for his 18 month old checkup and he had an ear infection then. The doctor gave us a prescription for an antibiotic but told me not to have it filled unless I really thought we needed it ... so I didn't have it filled. Now, I wish I had. We thought the ear infection would go away by itself ... apparently it didn't. So ... he's back on antibiotic and hopefully on his way to recovery.

Thursday my friend Melinda gave me a book for my birthday titled "The Five People You Meet In Heaven". I read it last night, it was only 190 pages ... and I'm a fast reader. It was the BEST book I've ever read in my life. It got me to thinking ... just how do I affect others lives that I touch? You just never know. I've never had a book make such an impact on my thinking like this one has. If you have a chance, pick up a copy.

This morning, I woke up with a positive outlook on life ...

We've heard this saying before ... but today I'm really feeling it ...

TODAY is the first day of the rest of my life.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering September 11th, 2001

Alan Jackson sings ... "Where were you when the world stopped turning on that September day" ...

September 11, 2001 started as a normal day for Mike and me. I was home working, he was driving to Miami for a job at a Federal Building in Miami.

That morning I was home working, I remember wanting to get an early start. Normally I turn on the tv to watch the Today Show, but for some reason I didn't that day. About 9:00 or so my (then) brother-in-law James called and asked me if I was watching tv. I told him no, and he told me to turn it on because America was under attack. I remember watching as Katie, Matt & Al were talking, confused and dazed. I remember them saying a horrible accident has happened a small plane has crashed into the World Trade Center. Soon, everyone realized it was not a small plane, as a second airliner crashed into the other tower.

I remember the confusion and speculation ... no one knew what was going on.

I just remember thanking God that Mike wasn't flying that day.

There were many reports of different attacks ... unconfirmed.

I called Mike over and over, but couldn't get him on his cell phone. Finally reaching him I told him what was going on. I wanted him to come home, and almost immediately the Federal Building in which he was working was evacuated.

Mike said it was crazy on the roads that day ... they opened all the toll roads, so everyone could move more quickly.

Then ... watching as the towers fell ... pure horror.

Seeing the people running for their lives and thinking of those still in the buildings ... unimaginable.

It was such a scary day ... not knowing what was going on ... when it would end. I could not take watching tv anymore, so I turned it off and went and sat out by the pond with Wyatt for hours, until Mike got home.

After September 11th, I remember only one word could explain what I wanted to do ... simplify. I remember seeing American flags waving, flag stickers on cars, Americans coming together to get through these horrific events.

Today let's all remember those who lost theirs lives on that day in September 2001.

Let's say a prayer for their families and loved ones.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

September ...

September is my absolutely favorite month of the year.

There are so many things about September to love ... for me it has always seemed like a new beginning. It's my birthday month ... and I love that. My dad and I shared September as a birthday month and that was always pretty special. My father-in-law Ray's birthday is in September as well ... tomorrow to be exact.

September was "back to school" ... new books, new clothes, new teachers, seeing old friends and making new ones.

The new fall tv shows begin ... and that's always something to look forward to.

Growing up in Florida we didn't have a change of season ... so it's nice to be in Virginia now to experience the cooler days & nights. The leaves will begin to change soon, the air will turn more crisp, we will see pumpkins for sale along side the road ... mmmmmm ... yes ... fall is definately right around the corner.

I've decided to make some changes with my business as well. It's been so hard to keep up with orders lately. It makes me sad when customers have to wait for their orders. I'm working on the changes right now ... hopefully I will come up with some GREAT ideas to get orders out more quickly and make my family, my customers and me happy. If you have any suggestions ... please, please email me or leave a comment.

As we were headed back from our road trip on Thursday evening I realized something. I kept thinking, today is September 7th, and it holds some sort of significance. That thought stayed with me all day and for the life of me I couldn't figure out what it was. Then ... as we were driving home, it hit me. My mother had passed away 30 years ago that day. I was 8 years old ... gosh ... sometimes I wonder how different my life would have been if I had a mother while growing up. We certainly can't live with "what ifs" ... but sometimes I do wonder. I had a great father, sister and brother ... but "what if" our mother was there too. Would I be the same person I am today? How would having her in my life have changed me? One thing I do know for sure ... I still love my mother today as much as I loved her on September 7, 1976 ... and I always will.

Sorry to end on a sad note ... but really it's not sad ... it's good to remember those we love, those still with us and those that are now with God.

Happy weekend everyone.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Seriously ... WHAT was I thinking???

Yesterday Mike had to make a business trip to Danville ... about 2.5 hours from our house. While he was in the shower I had the urge for Griffin and me to go with him. Something told me we needed to be together yesterday and since I had just watched Oprah the day before and she was talking about "God Whispers" ... I thought I should listen to my inner voice. I walked upstairs and presented Mike with the idea. He told me there is nothing to do there ... why don't you wait until I stay overnight that way you and Griffin will have somewhere to relax when you are finished exploring the city.

I should have listened ... but I didn't.

So we drove the 2.5 hours there ... dropped Mike off at his meeting and headed to explore. I guess that was about 11:00.

Our first stop was Hobby Lobby ... I've heard of Hobby Lobby, but I've never been into one. It was a WONDERFUL store ... oh my gosh ... so much stuff. But get this ... Griffin SCREAMED the entire time we were in there. He doesn't do that. And for the life of me I couldn't figure out why he was screaming. As we were paying for the one Christmas ornament we selected I remembered ... he's teething and he had not had Motrin yet. So ... we get to the car and I give him Motrin.

Then we headed over to the mall. I am NOT a shopper ... I do not like shopping. I actually forgot that until yesterday. So, we get to the mall ... it's what I call a regular mall ... you know JC Penny, Sears, Belks, etc. We walked the first floor and I didn't see a play area or a food court ... so I asked someone ... oh yeah it's up on the 2nd floor. So, Griffin and I took the elevator upstairs. Their food court had only 3 selections ... and they have NO play area. So Griffin and I shared bourbon chicken and rice. I then let him ride the train and horse ... you know the kind that you put 50 cents in and it lasts 20 seconds. Then I put my screaming child back into the stroller. He wanted to play ... he wanted to run around ... but there was no where for him to do so. So ... we walked the top portion of the mall. I found him two shirts at Sears for only $1.50 each ... bargain ... that's my kind of shopping.

So ... I look at the clock and it's only 1:30 ... what are we going to do with another 4-5 hours?

I remembered seeing a Toys 'R Us ... so we headed there. We walked the aisles ... Griffin was really taken with the Dancing Elmos and the dinosaurs. But ... we selected a large Tonka Toy Truck.

So ... we are finished ... I load Griffin back into the car and he immediately fell asleep ... it's 2:30. I'm thinking he might sleep until Mike is out of his meeting, so I drove back to his meeting site. Griffin was still sleeping ... I finished my book. About 4:00 G woke up ... what to do now? I called Mike just to let him know we were in the parking lot ... so Griffin and I got out of the car and began to explore the parking lot. Finally about 4:20 Mike came out ... and we headed home. Another 2.5 hours in the car and we were home around 7:00.

Griffin was WIRED and Mike and I were sooooooo tired. I'm still tired this morning.

Oh my gosh ... I made such a BAD decision yesterday by going ... but I guess we do learn from our mistakes. And something told me we needed to be TOGETHER yesterday.

Today ... I'm going to let Griffin have as much outdoor time as he wants ... and then I will work as hard and as fast as I can while he's napping.

From now on ... I will listen to Mike when he thinks something isn't a great idea. Sometimes Daddy knows best.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Life Has Been Busy ... An Update

Wow ... life has been very busy.

Mike's parents came for a visit and they are back home now. It was nice having them here ... it felt so "normal" having them here with us. I do have some pictures to share ... and I will at a later time as I am trying to make this a quick update. We didn't do much while they were here ... just spent some much needed family time together.

We did have some rain and winds from Hurricane Ernesto, nothing serious though. We did move our cars from the front yard, as we were fearful trees would come down on them.

I had to take Griffin to his 18 month check-up this morning ... even though he will be 19 months old in 2 days ... scheduling just didn't work out to get him in sooner. He's gained 2 pounds (weighs 26 now) and grew 3 inches (33.5 inches tall) since our last check up ... he's growing so fast!

I just signed on to the computer ... over 800 emails await my viewing ... so, if you have emailed me ... bear with me ... I will get to yours and respond.

Rosie started on "The View" today ... can't wait to watch it on Tivo tonight.

Well ... must go, Griffin is waking from his nap, we will have lunch and I will get to work.

Bye for now .... M