Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 ~ A Year In Review

The year 2016 was full of special memories. Reflecting on the quote I posted early about tomorrow being the first blank page of a 365 page book and encouraging us to write a good one, I've decided to share some of our book from 2016.

JANUARY ➳ Snowmaggedon ➳ The Blizzard That Lasted For Days ➳ Snow Sledding ➳ Snowman Building ➳ The Beginning of Lego Club ➳ Learning ➳ Quite Time With Family

FEBRUARY ➳ In The Paper ➳ Valentine's Day Lobsters With Friends ➳ Griffin Turns 11 ➳ Grandma Visited ➳ Indoor Swimming ➳ Piano Lessons ➳ Field Trip To The Capitol ➳ Sledding With Daddy ➳ Griffin Learns To Cook ➳ Fun Hands On Learning
MARCH ➳ Road Trip To Florida ➳ Grammy Camp ➳ Disney World ➳ Legoland ➳ Myrtle Beach ➳ Maymont ➳ Easter Sunday ➳ Spring Time In Virginia ➳ Learning Everywhere
APRIL ➳ Our 21st Wedding Anniversary ➳ Maymont ➳ Sweet Times With Family ➳ Daily Life ➳ Casting Crowns Concert With Friends
MAY ➳ Mother's Day ➳ RVA Field Trip ➳ St. John's Church ➳ River Walk ➳ Graffiti Wall ➳ Henricus Historical Park ➳ Donut Learning Adventure ➳ 4H STEM Class ➳ Griffin Composing Music ➳ Camping ➳ Elementary School Graduation ➳ Catching Up With An Old Friend
JUNE ➳ Circle Bar B Ranch Hike ➳ Tarpon Springs ➳ Sponge Docks ➳ Boat To Lime Key ➳ Ocean Ice Cream Boat ➳ Bok Tower ➳ Florida Grammy Camp ➳ Camping ➳ Natural Bridge ➳ Safari Park
JULY ➳ Grandma & Grandpa ➳ 4th Of July ➳ Camp Serve Goochland ➳ Bug Man ➳ Tubing Down The James ➳ 4H Camp Farm To Table ➳ Putt Putt Richmond ➳ VBS ➳ Relaxing
AUGUST ➳ G's Love Of Music ➳ Mike's Birthday ➳ Griffin Is Growing Up ➳ Backyard Finds ➳ First Day Of Middle School 6th Grade ➳ In The Paper ➳ Science Museum ➳ Park ➳ Apple Picking ➳ Four Leaf Clovers ➳ Hands On Learning ➳ My Handsome Welder
SEPTEMBER ➳ My Birthday ➳ Virginia Beach ➳ Virginia Aquarium ➳ Field Day ➳ Jalapena ➳ Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens ➳ Sunflower Fields ➳ Camping ➳ OBX ➳ Sunsets ➳ Sunrises ➳ The Beach ➳ Ghost Crabbing
OCTOBER ➳ OBX Final Day ➳ Apple Picking ➳ Hiking Spy Rock With The Youth ➳ Creativity ➳ Never Forgetting That Jesus LOVES Us ➳ Griffin's First Piano Concert ➳ Pumpkin Patch ➳ Fall Fest At Awana ➳ He Doesn't Want The 'Cute' Stuff Anymore ➳ Griffin Made His Halloween Costume ➳ Annual Halloween Bonfire At Our House ➳ Realizing Griffin Is Taller Than Mom
NOVEMBER ➳ Science Museum ➳ Mike & Griffin Road Trip To Texas ➳ Griffin's First Deer ➳ Mid Day Adventures ➳ Thanksgiving In Florida ➳ Griffin's Workshop ➳ Family Time
DECEMBER ➳ Griffin's First Craft Booth ➳ Awana Christmas Skit ➳ Griffin's First Christmas Performance ➳ Dissection Day ➳ Field Day Christmas ➳ Crafting With Mike ➳ RVA Christmas Lights ➳ Pfifer House ➳ Grandma & Grandpa Visits ➳ Griffin's Workshop ➳ Christmas ➳ Science Museum ➳ Montpelier

Friday, December 30, 2016

Griffin's Photographs ~ Montpelier Field Trip

Today we went to Montpelier, the home of the 4th President of the United States, James Madison. All of the photographs in this album were taken by Griffin.

Field Trip To James Madison's ~ Montpelier

I will treasure this day, forever. It was truly a wonderful day, spent only with my son - my almost 12-year-old son. I had a realization today, in just six short years, he will be an adult. It is coming faster than I want it to. Today, he and I talked. I mean, we really talked and we carried on interesting conversations. And, I really listened to him. He is so smart, incredibly interesting and he is such a good person. Throughout the day, I looked my son eye-to-eye. That is still hard for me to get used to. When we arrived at Montpelier, he asked if he could take pictures with my camera. I handed it right over. He was excited to explore the camera and to take picture after picture. It was pure joy seeing him so excited about something. I am truly grateful for this day. ❤ This is a few pictures I took with my phone, I will share Griffin's photographs in the next post.

Griffin The Photographer

Griffin asked if he could take pictures today. I handed him the Canon and he took pictures of our adventure to Montpilier. He's never really interested in photography, so this made me very happy today!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Fun Day With Friends!

We had a fantastic day with our friends, the Clemons and the Dukes! First up the movie Sing, then the Science Museum and finally dinner at Carytown Burgers!

Monday, December 26, 2016

The Little Things ...

Gifts are nice, but it's the little things that mean the most to me ~ like waking up to find my husband has filled the K-Cup holder or Griffin helping me sort/match three loads of socks that has gathered.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Missy Glave Photography ~ Mike & Griffin ~ My Men

Mike and Griffin ~ my men on Christmas Day 2016.

For more of my photography, please visit my website at Missy Glave Photography

Merry Christmas 2016

Christmas Day 2016 was a day of many blessings.