Monday, October 31, 2016

Griffin's Photography - Fall Leaves

Griffin captured some really beautiful photographs when we were out earlier. I asked him to take pictures out of the car window as we were driving to Goochland and back home again. I think these are AMAZING! (All photographs by Griffin Glave)

Serving The Community

These three remarkable, young people spent time with the residents of The Meadows retirement home today during their fall festival. I'm so thankful they have loving & caring hearts and are willing to reach out to those in our community.

It's Official - He's Taller Than Mom!

It's official - Griffin is taller than me and here's the proof! He's grown two inches in the past five months!!

Our Homeschool.

This may look like a familiar moment ~ but, let me describe what you see here. We've just returned from voting, Griffin is taking a short break from practicing cursive writing with his dog snuggled close, Mike is playing the brand new Casting Crowns album in the background and this is the look of a young man who is contemplating what Heaven is like, out loud. This is our homeschool ~ where talking about Jesus is encouraged, where we study scripture, where we put God first. Two years ago I walked into this adventure knowing God would lead us and show us the way. He has been with us, every step of the way. No, it is not always easy - but, when you have days like today, you know it is completely and totally worth it.

Presidential Election - Voting

We took our son with us to vote today - nothing like a hand's on lesson in freedoms of choice, right to vote and the political process.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Photography - My Boys - Mike & Griffin

The Glave men allowed me to take a few photographs after church today. I love these two.

For more of my photography, please visit my Missy Glave Photography Page!

Griffin & Jasper - Easy Sunday Afternoon

Griffin, taking it easy with Jasper in his lap. #easysundayafternoon

Good Sunday Morning!

Good Sunday morning ~ a couple of pictures before church!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Glave Family ~ Annual Fall Party!

We had so much fun tonight at our annual fall party. It was a beautiful evening, spent with some really amazing people. I didn't get many pictures - but, the memory will live long in our hearts.

Photography ~ Jake & Elizabeth

These two are the sweetest and it was a pleasure to capture photographs today! If you would like to see more of her session, please visit my Missy Glave PhotographyPage!

Photography ~ Little Miss T Photographs

It was truly a joy to capture photographs of this cutie. If you would like to see more of her session, please visit my Missy Glave Photography Page!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Fall ...

It was a beautiful drive to the library today ~ bright blue sky, puffy white clouds, leaves bountiful with colors of the season and a brightly shining sun! God certainly has blessed us with this gorgeous season called autumn.

Hot Cocoa!

On this cool October day ~ our idea of an after recess treat is hot cocoa, as we settle in to tackle today's lessons.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Griffin & Friends - Awana Harvest Festival 2016

I love this photo of Griffin with some of his 'oldest' friends. One since birth and the others since kindergarten.

2016 Halloween Costume - Griffinator Part Deaux

Griffin designed his costume this year ~ I think he did a great job! I'm calling him 'Griffinator Part Deaux'.

No Cute Bucket.

The reality is, my boy is growing up. I bought this cute bucket to put Griffin's name on for trick or treating. He told me he would rather use a grocery bag. I am certainly not going to let vinyl go to waste.

Jesus Is Sweeter Than Candy

When packing bags for the Brown Bag Backpack Ministry ~ the kids made a special treat of candy corn to add to the bags and attached this sweet sentiment to it. I love this ministry and it is an incredible privilege for our homeschool group to be apart of it.

Custom Tags For Chamber Of Commerce

Just finished up an order of custom tags for the local Chamber of Commerce!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Life Of A Homeschooler

A look into our typical homeschool day. In addition to doing his traditional studies with his assigned curriculum - he also enjoys having a study buddy in Jasper. It's kind of fun having your dog close when taking a spelling test. Art class involved working on his Halloween costume.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Handmade Owl Halloween Costume

Y'all ~ I had SO much fun making this owl costume! It literally cost about $1.50 in felt to make. Everything used on this project I had on hand. I used a 10 year old black shirt out of the back of my closet and that black hat has been around forever! #ificanglueiticandoit #missymadeit

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Griffin - My Photography Assistant

This guy is an awesome photography assistant. He helps me carry props, my camera bag and anything else I may need. Today, I snapped some photographs of him as I was choosing the settings on my camera.