Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is such a fun holiday ... we love decorating with pumpkins, mums and S-C-A-R-Y decorations.

This is a picture of our house all decorated for Halloween.

Our newest addition this year is the scary ghoul on the front door. Griffin decided our house needed a little more "scary" added to it this year.

Also ... can you see the skeleton holding the pumpkin in the little green chair?

Didn't Griffin do a great job on his jack-o-lantern?

He wanted it to be super scary ... so he drew the face and together we carved it. Then he wanted to add toothpicks to it to make it even scarier!

The second pumpkin is mine ... I wanted to do a personalized pumpkin with Griffin's name on it. It was pretty easy to do. I just cut out letters using my die cut machine and traced around them and then carefully cut them out. Griffin was very surprised when I turned my pumpkin around and he saw his name.

We wish you a very happy and safe Halloween!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fire Pit Dining.

We were lucky to have Bett (Grandma) and Tony visit us for a few days last week.

On Friday we decided to dine by the fire pit ... grilling hot dogs over the open flame. I told Griffin we were going to have a "weiney roast" and he had no idea what I was talking about. When I explained it was the same thing as grilling hotdogs he understood.

Did anyone else call hotdogs, weinies growing up or it that a southern thing?

I love grilled hotdogs ... I actually like them a little on the burned side. I like one hotdog in a bun and the second one without a bun. Of course the macoroni salad and bold beans were delicious too!

What weiney roast would be complete without s'mores?

The boys were roasting the marshmallows over the fire as the graham crackers and Hershey bars waiting patiently for them.

Just look at all the gooey yumminess ...

This is actually the second time we have grilled hotdogs over the fire pit this season and we are sure to do it again very soon!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Cub Scout ~ Go See It ~ Teamwork & Sportsmanship

The leaders of Griffin's Cub Scout Den scheduled a fun "Go See It" last Friday night at the local high school foot ball game.

The "Go See It" focused on teamwork and sportmanship.

The boys met with two referees before the game. They discussed teamwork and sportsmanship with them as well as their jobs when on the field.

The boys were delighted when the referees presented them with their very own official gold coin.

It was so much fun to sit in the stands with scouts, enjoy stadium food and watch the game.

It happened to be homecoming as well was fun to see the Homecoming King & Queen crowned and the floats the kids had made parade around the track.

Our team won that night ... gooooooooo Bulldogs!!

Watching Griffin grow and learn as a Cub Scout is such great fun ... we look foward to many, many years of scouting!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fun Class Project.

Griffin's first grade class has been studying different famous people over the past couple of months. One day I was blog hopping and came upon this post and thought it was a great idea. I contacted his teacher and asked if she wanted to do something similar.

She was going to be reviewing the famous people they had learned about and she invited me into the classroom to do a similar fun project.

{I have to say ... I LOVE being room mom this year!}

So this is what I came up with. I created "Paper People" for the famous people they were studying. Here you will see Eleanor Roosevelt, George Washington Carver, Christopher Columbus and Benjamin Franklin.

These are the sample pages I made so the children could refer to them when they were putting their paper people together.

Earlier in the day Mrs. S asked the students to choose one of these famous people to write about. When I got to their classroom the children were given a kit with their famous person's paper person inside it.

The plan included allowing the students to use the Cricut die cutting machine to cut out the accessory that went with their famous person. I really think the kids enjoyed doing this.

This is a picture of the kits I created for each of the famous people.

I made 16 of each (yes 64!!). The children will receive one of each of the kits, however there was only time for them to create the one they had written about earlier in the day.

Mrs. S gave each of the students a piece of paper they were to decorate with their famous person and then attach their written assignment to it as well.

They turned out SO cute!

I was able to get a few pictures of the completed projects.

This is Griffin's ... he chose Benjamin Franklin.

This is Annabelle's ... she chose Christopher Columbus.

This is Ava's ... she chose Eleanor Roosevelt.

The children were very creative and it was a super fun project!

With that in mind I thought I would share examples of the finished paper people and how you can make your own.

I used my Cricut Die Cutting Machine with the two paper doll cartridges. Paper Doll Dress Up (PDDU) is the one I used most often. I also used the Everyday Paper Doll (EDPD) cartridge as well.

A helpful hint ... tiny pieces cut a couple of each for each kit. For instance the necklace I probably included at least ten "pearls" cut from a single whole punch.

Page 38 PDDU Dress
Page 38 PDDU Hat
Page 38 PDDU Shoes
Page 67 EDPD Hair
Page 30 PDDU Suitcase
Necklace is just single whole punches

Page 32 PDDU Jacket
Page 32 PDDU Pants
Page 32 PDDU Shoes
Page 32 PDDU Shirt
Page 46 PDDU Hair
Page 44 PDDU Mustache

On the Benjamin Franklin I have to give a great big THANK YOU to my Facebook friend Katya for sharing the creative idea of how to create him. With her help it was very easy to figure out how to make him.

Page 59 PDDU Jacket
Page 40 PDDU Shirt
Page 41 PDDU Tights/Slim Pants
Page 62 PDDU Pants
Page 62 PDDU Shoes
Page 47 PDDU Hair (just the back part)
Buttons are made using a single hole punch

I was in a time crunch when it was time to create the final paper person so I did a Google search for Cricut Christopher Columbus and I was *delighted* to find this blog post with a creative idea for Christopher Columbus!!

Page 46 PDDU Shirt
Page 46 PDDU Tights/Slim Pants
Page 46 PDDU Shoes
Page 46 PDDU Belt
Page 44 PDDU Hair
Page 44 PDDU Hat
Page 44 PDDU Ship

Happy Creating ...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Look What $2.50 Can Do ...

Okay ya'll ... I have to share this really fun, easy and CHEAP decorating project you can accomplish at only $2.48!

The truth is I love having colorful mums, whole pumpkins, gourds and jack-o-lanterns on my front porch for fall.

The reality is we have two six-month-old puppies (Jasper and Oliver) and they seem to enjoy eating and destroying everything I have out there.

Anyone remember this post?

Anyway ... I really wanted to buy some mums but I just know they will not last long.

So ... Walmart had these on clearance for only $1.49.

I thought I might plant them in the clay pots the dogs have already destroyed ... but then I saw these for only $.99 ...

I put them together and VOILA ... instant cuteness!!

I've accomplished a sweet fall decoration and did not spend alot of money ... they were so affordable to make I made two of them.

Now ... here's hoping the dogs do not eat them!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

He Loves To Read.

Reading has always been a big part of my life. I remember as a little girl my Daddy would take me to the used book store on Central Avenue in Winter Haven and I would stock up on books and Tiger Beat magazines.

I still enjoy reading ... Debbie Macomber, Nora Roberts and Catherine Coulter are a few of my favorites.

That's why it means so much to mean that Griffin likes to read. Doesn't matter how many books we read he always wants "just one more Mommy".

When we were in town this past weekend I saw this copy of "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" and I knew he had to have it. We sat down last night and read it together.

I hope his love of reading continues forever.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Things That Make You Go ... Yummmm!

Healthy eating is high on our priority list ... we eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruit.

But on occasion we totally indulge in something like this ...

A yummy fried egg and bacon breakfast sandwich on whole wheat bread with a little mayo.


Sunday, October 09, 2011

Fall Is Here.

It's no secret ... fall is my favorite season of all!

I love everything about it ... the colors that blossom, the cool weather, the wonderful aromas, the pumpkins and apples, the changing leaves, the beautifully colored mums, getting my crock pot busy and making soup and the utter feeling of bliss when you step outside and see scenes like this ...

This is a picture of my backyard from a couple of years ago. In just a few short weeks it will look like this again. I can't wait!

This is Griffin last year ... it's amazing to see how much he has grown in just one year. I love fall because most days it's still warm enough to run around in shorts, yet cool enough to know fall is here.

Gorgeous ... gorgeous ... fall leaves!

This is another picture of our backyard ... it just explodes in color. The trees are still about 90% green right now. Slowly they will turn into this bold, bright yellowish orange color. I.can't.wait!

I think this is my all time favorite picture during fall. It was taken in November 2008 when he was three. He was blowing bubbles and I managed to capture that sweet innocence of watching bubbles float away on his face. I love this picture.

With fall ... it also brings fall inspiration. I love making fall inspired paper embellishments ... sunflowers, leaves, pumpkins ... they are just my favorite to make! If interested you can visit my Etsy Shop By Clicking Here to see what I have available.

I hope you enjoy your beautiful fall days as much as we do.