Thursday, February 16, 2017

4H Trailblazers - February

4-H Trailblazers toured the Goochland County Sheriff's Office tonight. Very thankful for the officers we met tonight and all of those who protect and serve.

DNA Experiment.

Griffin has been working hard to complete a Science unit on DNA, Genetics and Heredity. He finished today and took the unit test. We discovered we had time to do a Science experiment. He received a monthly Science subscription from his Grandma & Grandpa for Christmas - we haven't had time to complete any of the experiments until today. He opened the box we've had since December, and imagine our surprise to discover a DNA experiment!! That was a WOW moment!! God is certainly in the details and we were touched by tangible evidence of that! It was AMAZING to complete this very difficult unit in a fun way!!

The experiment included extracting DNA from a fruit. We used a tomato because that's what we had on hand. The kit included all of the supplies we needed, except basic kitchen items. It also came with a comic book and bag to keep all of the science tools together.

Monday, February 13, 2017


For Griffin's birthday, we bought him a Spirograph. Both Mike and I loved playing with this toy when we were growing up. I was hoping Griffin would like it as much as we did - and he did!

He's Going To Miss Her

Due to Grandma's flight being cancelled, we were blessed to have her with us for another day. Sadly, today she will be flying home to Florida. He's really going to miss her.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Missy Glave Photography - Grandma & Her Men

No visit from Grandma is complete without caputuring photographs of her with Mike and Griffin.

82 In February!

Grandma's flight was cancelled so we get another day with her! I can't believe I have my feet up, sitting on the back porch, sipping lemonade in mid- February! We are enjoying this beautiful weather today!!

The Final Birthday Celebration!

The final birthday celebration ~ lunch at Kahlo's, our favorite Mexican restaurant, with the annual wearing of the sombrero and fried ice cream.

Saturday, February 11, 2017


Griffin took this picture on the way home from his birthday party. It was a fantastic way to end a wonderful day! It was a beautiful, powerful display of God's handiwork!

Griffin's 12th Birthday Party - Paint Ball!

Today we celebrated Griffin's 12th Birthday with a paintball Party at XZone Sports! We had so much fun!!

Wall Of Love & Encouragement

Our February wall of love and encouragement continues to grow. #encourageoneanother


A few days ago he went to bed 11, and the next day he woke up 12. In that overnight sleep he seemed to mature exponentially. I can not wait to see who he grows up to be and the difference he will make in this world.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Tall As Grandma!

It's official ~ Griffin is as tall as Grandma!

Value Of A Good Deal - 2nd & Charles

When your kid knows the value of a good deal and asks to go to 2nd & Charles to spend some birthday money.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Grandma Is Here - Birthday Celebration!

Gma is here for Gman's birthday! Now the celebration can officially begin!! Tonight we enjoyed dinner at Carytown Burgers & Fries. They look really red in this picture because there was a red light above them.

Poetry & Dr. Seuss.

Studying poetry in Language Arts today ~ the assignment is about forced rhymes. Griffin was to read a Dr. Seuss book and complete a written assignment about the book he chose to read. Dr. Seuss had a clever knack of inventing words and creatures and used forced rhyme very effectively.

I remember when I bought 'The Sneetches' for Griffin. He was in kindergarten and came home telling me all about the book. He asked if he could have a copy for home. I'm so glad we kept his collection of Dr. Seuss books!

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Field Trip: Lake Anna State Park - Snakes Alive Class

We went to Lake Anna State Park's 'Snakes Alive' homeschool class today. Ranger Lauri led the kids through an in depth look into snakes and reptiles. They learned to decipher facts from fiction and they participated in a research and crafting time. They also had the opportunity to touch the snakes and observed as they were fed. After the program, it was absolutely beautiful outside, so we spent time down by the lake and on the playground. This was a great experience and we will definitely go back for the next one!!