Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Virginia State Capitol Field Trip

It was a wonderful day at the Virginia State Capitol with a great group of kids and parents. Our tour guide, Mrs. Snelling, was incredibly knowledgable and kept it interesting for the kids. When we were visiting the Old Hall of House of Delegates the Sargeant of Arms returned the mace to it's display case as the daily session had ending. It was pretty cool to be there for that. It is amazing to realize we walked the same halls and stood in the same rooms as as forefathers. We were surrounded by so much history and the capitol is absolutely beautiful!

Monday, February 08, 2016

Photography - Grandma & Griffin

My mother-in-law was visting so I had the opportunity to take photographs of her with Griffin. I'm working on my photography skills and I always enjoy the opportunity to take photographs when I can. If you would like to see more photographs from this session, please visit my Missy Glave Shutterbug Facebook Page

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Griffin's 11th Birthday Party - Terraria Theme!

Griffin celebrated his birthday with a Terraria themed party. He asked to have his friends over for an at home party. It was a day full of laughter, smiles, nerf gun wars, good food and fear factor games!

The amazing cake and cupcakes were made by Karen of The Cupcakery of Richmond. I made the party decorations (banner, confetti, favor tags, cupcake toppers and food cards).

It was so much fun celebrating our sweet guy!!

Griffin's 11th Birthday Party - Fear Factor Games

Griffin celebrated his 11th birthday with an at home party. We did a couple of fun 'Fear Factor' food games and the kids really had a good time!

Up first was the 'Fear Factor' Buffet. It included Dead Fish (sardines), Octopus Suction Cups (Spaghetti O's), Sea Weed (chopped spinach), Squishy Urchins (cherry pie filling), Fish Eggs (crushed pineapple), Cat Food (tuna fish), Slug Slime (strawberry preserves), Alligator Eyes (green olives), Toe Nailes (banana chips), Spicy Snake Eggs (sriracha peas) and Ear Wax (Marshmallows dipped in peanut butter).

The 2nd game was 'Digging For Worms'. This was fun and very MESSY!! We placed seven gummy worms on the tray and covered them with whipped topping. The participants had to remove them from the tray with only their mouths, and they had to eat at least three of them. This was a really, really fun game!