Tuesday, August 31, 2010


It's hard to believe it's been more than a week since my last post.

I'll be honest I just haven't felt much like being on the computer lately.

After being sick with pneumonia for over two weeks and actually sick a week before that, I decided to take the week before Griffin started kindergarten off to be with him.

Last week he began kindergarten and he loves it. He's adjusting to going to school Monday - Friday. And I am too. I miss him ... alot!

This morning after dropping him off at school I missed him right away. I can hardly wait to get him off the bus this afternoon and do something FUN together!

In the mean time I'm trying to find my way. Figure out my new schedule and what I want to do. I am going to be creative and create new things but lately I just haven't felt very creative. This morning I am sitting down to the computer to catch up on emails and get pending orders organized and hopefully that creative bug will bite so I can get caught up.

Wishing you a great day ...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

About His First Day Of Kindergarten

Griffin had a great first day of kindergarten. At first he would tell me nothing about his day but when we were outside playing he shared, then at bath time he shared more and then finally at bedtime he shared the most. It's going to be a GREAT school year!

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day Of Kindergarten.

Today is Griffin's first day of Kindergarten ...

He was very excited to go to school this morning.

Mike, Grandma and I took him to school and he was a champ.

I'm looking forward to hearing about his day at school when he gets home this afternoon.

I'm such a proud Mommy!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Busch Gardens ~ Virginia

We enjoyed a fun filled day at Busch Gardens with Keisha and Darius.

This was our first trip to Busch Gardens here in Virginia.

It was wonderful.

Sesame Street is the theme throughout the children's area.

The boys on the first ride of the day ...

... then on to the next!

They have this great water area ... the boys cooled down and enjoyed it.

Love this picture of Griffin and Darius on the dragon boat ride.

Of course meeting some of the characters was great fun too ... here the boys are meeting the very flirty Zoe.

And it's the red dude himself ... Elmo!

If there is an airplane ride around you know Griffin is going to want to ride it!

I can't remember the name of this ride ... it's the first time I've seen a ride where the kids lay on their tummy.

After a long, hot, fun-filled day ... it's time for a final picture and a relaxing ride home.

Keisha and Darius thank you for inviting us ... we had a GREAT time!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Piggy Houses.

It feels good to feel good again. After being sick with pneumonia for over two weeks I'm feeling alot better!

Last Friday was the first day I felt well enough to really do anything.

Griffin was SO ready to have a playdate. First up we met friends at Chic-Fil-A for lunch and then we came back to our house for some playtime.

We took a buggy ride down to the fields and the boys wanted to get out and run, run, run!

Our friend Carol introduced the term "piggy houses" to us. They are actually hay bales however piggy houses sounds much more whimsical. Here Griffin is getting up close and personal with a piggy house.

Of course he wanted to get on top too ...

We only have one more week of summer vacation before Griffin begins kindergarten. We are delighted to have a fun filled week planned!

Sunday, August 08, 2010


I've been MIA from my blog this past week because I've been a bit under the weather.

I was sick all week with a cold and feeling pretty bad.

I started feeling a little better mid-week but on Friday when I still wasn't feeling good I decided to go to the doctor.

I have pneumonia.
Can you believe that?

So ... I am taking my meds, coughing alot, and taking it easy.

Keeping my fingers this clears up quickly.

Monday, August 02, 2010

He's My Inspiration.

When I became a mother five years ago my life changed completely.

I had new responsibilites and a tiny little being to take care of.

There were alot of lessons learned on my part, scheduling changes and certainly alot of learning by doing.

Over these five years I have learned so many things from our son. He inspires me daily to be a better person. To be more patient. To have fun. To be the best Mommy I can be to him.

Griffin is the most amazing little boy. He's bright. He's funny. He's sweet. He's kind. He's smart. He's creative.

He *IS* my inspiration.

Give him a popsicle and a swing and he could be happy for hours.

Not only does he inspire me in my everyday life ... he also inspires my creative side. You can see "Griffin" in almost everything I make.

Thank you God for giving me the best gift you could give ... our wonderful son.

He's a blessing and he's my heart.

A Walk Outside.

I thought I would share a little walk through our yard to see what's blooming right now ...

All three crepe myrtles are HUGE ... with lots of blooms!

I'm so excited to share my homegrown sunflower with you. The sunflower is my all time favorite flower! Earlier this spring Griffin and I planted sunflower seeds and they have finally started to flower!

Well looky there little tomato plant ... you finally decided to give us some fruit. Again we planted these early spring and they are just beginning to grow. Our neighbors have been sharing their tomato harvest (thank you W&C). Maybe we'll be able to share with them soon. Can't wait to make a batch of homemade salsa.

We thought this was a weed growing down near the burn pile. And it actually may be a weed ... however ... let's take a closer look.

The flowers on this weed or plant or whatever it is are absolutely beautiful!

Our butterfly bush is full of purple flowers and gorgeous butterflies. There must have been two dozen butterflies on the bush but when I went to take a picture they would move.

I hope you enjoyed a little walk through our yard ...