Monday, August 11, 2008

Vacation. Friday. August 8th.

Mount Ranier

Friday was our last day in Washington, so we drove to Mount Ranier

Entering Mount Ranier National Park

A view of the magnificant mountain 14,411 feet tall ... as you can tell the top is in the clouds.

Just breath taking ...

Amazing ...

There were quite a few water falls in the park ... this is at the top of Narada Falls

And another view of the mountain ...

On the drive back to Seattle we stopped in Elbe to eat at the Historic Mt. Ranier Dining Co.

Mike and Griffin entering this wonderful restaurant ... their food was FABULOUS!!

My sweet boys in the dining room ...

The restaurant was really neat ... it was a train car that used to travel up and down the mountain.

The train car in which we ate our lunch

I tell you ... we had a FABULOUS vacation!! We experienced so many new and fun things. The Pacific Northwest is absolutely gorgeous and the folks that live there are unbelievably hospitable!! We do plan to visit Washington in the future. We know where we want to go back to and spend more time.

We highly recommend a visit to this gorgeous part of our country!!

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Sue said...

Frank and I ate here on our first weekend together...we stayed in the yellow train car that is beyond the dinning car. I had heard that the Hobo Inn, which is next to the dinning car had burned down..but I see that the cars are still there. I'm so happy that ya'll had such a good time in my "home town". Does the restaurant still serve Ostrich?