Monday, August 11, 2008

Vacation. Thursday. August 7th.

Lake Union ~ Seattle

Thursday was my worst sick day ... Mike made me take Alka Seltzer Cold Medicine in the morning and it knocked me out. I took a good long nap while the boys lounged in the room and Bett ventured out on her own.

Later in the day we decided to go to Lake Union to watch the sea planes land. I tried to schedule us a flight for the same day, however to guarantee a seat we had to register two days in advance. Next time we visit we are for sure doing this!

Mike and Griffin had so much fun watching the sea planes come in and take off in the water. This is my husband's dream to do this ... and it's very evident that Griffin would love to do it as well.

A DeHavilland Beaver landing in the water ...

A closer look at the DeHavilland Beaver sea plane

Lake Union was just a few blocks from our hotel. It was an amazing park. In the water we saw yaughts,sailboats, small boats, sea planes, kayaks ... it was really very pretty!

Bett and me on the shore of Lake Union

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