Sunday, November 09, 2008

That Time Of Year ... Firewood.

The weather is turning cooler here ... soon it will be time to light our fireplace.

A couple of years ago we found this great place in Powhatan to get firewood. He charges only $50.00 for an 8-foot truck bed. We've paid as much as $80.00 locally for the same amount of wood. We drive just a few miles further and we get the wood at almost half the price. What a deal.

Mike backs the truck up to the wood loading area ...

Then we get busy loading the truck up. This is the first time EVER that Griffin hasn't been asleep when we went to get firewood. He wanted to get out of the truck and "help" us ... so we let him.

He was pretty cute trying to throw the logs into the truck. I told him in a few years that he and Daddy can come by themselves to load up the wood.


Andi said...

A fire in the fireplace sounds so cozy and inviting on a chilly day. Your little guy is growing up pretty fast Missy. He looks so cute helping with the logs.

Bonnie said...

I would love a real fireplace. Always have loved them. Wade & Scott's grandma & grandpa have a fireplace. They had one when they lived at the beach too. Grandma says all they need is a breeze to use as an excuse to light it. So I'm sure at Thanksgiving we'll have a fire. Enjoy it.

Colleen Wms said...

We always loved our wood fireplace in our last house. Here we have the electric thing so we did get a copper pit for outside. It's not quite the same. And we sure don't need that much wood!
Enjoy that cozy fire!