Tuesday, August 26, 2008

He's A Rock Star.

Griffin loves to blow dry his hair after taking a bath ...

He has the hair dryer hold down pat ...

He's a rock star I tell ya!

In Dancing with the Stars news ...

The newest cast of DWTS has been announced and I'm so excited!! I look forward to each and every new season as it's one of my favorite shows on TV.

This is the new cast:

Susan Lucci:
Actress, Erica Kane on All My Children ... need I say more?

Toni Braxton:
Singer, Broadway Performer

Lance Bass:
Singer, N'Sync ~ The cute one in my opinion

Misty May-Treanor:
Olympic Gold Medalist, Volleyball I think

Cloris Leachman:
Actress, Oscar & Emmy Winner, Mary Tyler Moore Show & Various Others

Kim Kardashian:
Actress, Reality TV Star, Keeping Up With The Kardashians ... and YES I admit to watching it

Ted McGinley:
Actor, The Love Boat, Married With Children, Hope & Faith

Brooke Burke:
Model/Actress ... beautiful mother of 4 ... I remember her E! tv show "Wild On" ... can't think of anything else

Warren Sapp
Football Player ... have no idea who he play(ed) for

Mauriece Green
I'm pretty sure he's also an Olympic Gold Medalist, but I'm not sure for what event or when

Rocco DeSpiroto
Celebrity Chef, anyone remember the tv show "The Restaurant"?

Cody Linley
Actor, Hannah Montana Show ... I've never seen that show so I do not know his character's name

Jeffrey Ross
Comedienne ... I know nothing about him

Looking at this list and not having seen them dance yet, my favorites are as follows:

Susan Lucci ... Of course I want her to win!
Brooke Burke ... she's a mother of 4 ... she has my respect!
Ted McGinley ... I just love him!

Who's your pick just looking at the names?


Andi said...

First...I have to say those pictures of Griffin are the cutest ever!!! You should do a scrapbook page with them...he's so adorable!

I'm excited about the new season of DWTS as well. Warren Sapp is huge...and he played for the Bucs at one time...probably the biggest part of his football career. He'll be a hoot!

Cindy said...

Misty May-Treanor, if she dances like she plays volleyball, whoa!

Wendy said...

Not sure who I want to win, I don't really watch the show every time, but did you know that
Cloris Leachman is 82
and Susan Luci is 62

I will be impressed if Cloris doesn't break a hip! LOL

It will be exciting.

Griffin cute as ever, when does he start pre school Sept. 2?

Roger Green said...

Warren Sapp played (either primarily or entirely) with the Tampa Bay bucs. Maurice Greene was a track star.

*Jilly* said...

I don't watch that show..but..I am a big fan of the cute little "rock star" drying his hair..too cute!

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

Hair dryer today----makeup tomorrow!! DWTS is a reality program----as such we don't consider it as entertainment---more like another hour of reviewing the local dance teachers progress with the kids.----but then again its nice to see the oldsters can still get work in front of the camera.

Bonnie said...

I absolutely love that picture of Griffin blow drying his hair. Notice the tongue and the angle of the mouth. You really do need to scrap those pics. He's gonna break some hearts when he gets older. As for DWTS, I watch it with Jerome, but it's not really my cup of tea. I will probably root for Cloris Leachman...not a big fan of Susan Lucci (she's too fake).

HarryJack's Mom said...

I have to agree, those might be the cutest G pix, EVER! Definitely call for a page.

And, fitting for your title, Brooke Burke hosted Rock Star (maybe the second only? she was preggers toward the end of the SuperNova edition with Tommy Lee and a few other famous rockers)

Judi said...

The hair dryer is bigger than him.

Simple Man said...

Warren Sapp played for the Bucs And Raiders....He will definitely be the first to go

Cecile said...

I like your little rock star he is a cutie:))
I don't watch that program so I cannot offer any opinion on it but I do hope that you enjoy it!!!
Have a great week!

Susie Q said...

Oh how cute is that little guy!!
That was my smile for the evening!

I don't really watch it but I would love to see Cloris and Warren...


-Jennifer said...

The N Sync guy is my choice...I think they have an "unfair" advantage so to speak. When does it start Missy? Please tell me I didn't miss it