Thursday, August 16, 2007

Because Nice Matters.

I was very honored to discover I've been presented with this "Nice Matters Award" from both Andi and Susie Q. This really, really, really means ALOT to me.

Yes ... nice really does matter.

In our fast paced world, it's so important to slow down, smile and BE NICE!

Although most of my blogging buddies may have already received this award from one or another ... I am bestowing this "Nice Matters Award" to ...

Andi, Susie Q, Jen, Jolene, Sue from Tennessee, Teresa, Cassandra, Robin, Heidi, Cheryl, Wendy, Terri (TK Angels), Sheila, Lori (Colors Of Me), Julie, Tricia, Coleen, Leona, Sandy and my newest blogging friend Cindy (who I'm having dinner with Friday night).

You've all touched my life and bring happiness and joy to my life when I read your blogs and when you leave comments.

Nice DOES Matter.


Sheila said...

MISSY! Thank you so much! This means a lot to me! That is so sweet of you - I'll display it proudly on my blog!

Wendy said...

Thanks for passing along the Nice Matter Award!
Congrats on receiving it, I know no one more deserving than you.

Happy Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Very nice

Andi said...

Missy, you're so special and probably the most deserving person I know for this award!

TK Angels said...

Thank you for much for my award. You need to check a bit down on my blog-you were also bestowed an award from me *smile*

Take care

Nonie Mae said...

How sweet of you! Thanks a bunch..

Susie Q said...

You ARE nice and so sweet and we all love you!

Thank you for returning it...see? That is why we love you!


Cassandra said...

I am sooo behind on my blogging, but wanted to say THANK YOU! You are such a sweetheart!

TK Angels said...

Thank you Missy for my award. Did you see that you received an award from me a coupld of posts ago? It's from August 13, 2007

Take care,

TK Angels said...

Sorry I stuttered

Cindy said...

That's so sweet, thank you :)

Anonymous said...

You truly are a nice person!

Anonymous said...

Missy You so deserve this award......I finally made it to the blogging world myself. I hope to meet some new blogging friends!!! Take Care!!! Hugs, Tracie