Monday, April 03, 2017


Very thankful we were able to spend the night in Savannah and enjoy a couple hours this morning exploring this charming southern town! We enjoyed learning the history, walking cobblestone streets, breathing fresh air in at the river front, seeing flowers, statues, and sweet smiling faces. It was inspiring to see streets of houses flying their American flags! The sense of nostalgia one gets from being here is gratifying! So thankful for this visit - AND, the pecan pralines!

We had a couple of hours to tour Savannah on foot this morning. Mike led us on a very quick tour! This is Reynolds Square, Johnson Square and the City Hall. The statue is of John Wesley. We just studied about him in history!

Our quick tour of Savannah included a walk down to the Savannah River Front.

We took a stroll along the Savannah River and the Waving Girl Pier. The statue on the right is the 1996 Olympic Yaughting Cauldron and the left one is The Waving Girl of Savannah. Florence Martus, also known as "the Waving Girl", took it upon herself to be the unofficial greeter of all ships that entered and left the Port of Savannah between 1887 and 1931.

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