Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Responsible Young Man.

I just witnessed Griffin doing one of the most responsible things I've ever seen him do. We are at the park, and a little while ago, he was swinging and a toddler first ran in front of him (with the mom present) and somehow he missed her. He tried to stop swinging, but then she ran behind him. There was nothing he could do. He hit her. She was OK and the mom knew he couldn't stop. He was feeling bad about it, I could tell. Here's where the responsible part comes in - a little guy (maybe 2) was watching Griffin swing. He was trying to climb over this little barrier to get to the swings. (I didn't see his parents anywhere). I'm about to jump up for fear this little guy is going to run over to Griffin and the same thing would happen again. Then, I noticed Griffin was slowing down. He noticed the little boy, so he was slowing down on purpose in case he made it over to him. My heart skipped a beat witnessing this show of maturity from our young man.

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