Thursday, February 16, 2017

DNA Experiment.

Griffin has been working hard to complete a Science unit on DNA, Genetics and Heredity. He finished today and took the unit test. We discovered we had time to do a Science experiment. He received a monthly Science subscription from his Grandma & Grandpa for Christmas - we haven't had time to complete any of the experiments until today. He opened the box we've had since December, and imagine our surprise to discover a DNA experiment!! That was a WOW moment!! God is certainly in the details and we were touched by tangible evidence of that! It was AMAZING to complete this very difficult unit in a fun way!!

The experiment included extracting DNA from a fruit. We used a tomato because that's what we had on hand. The kit included all of the supplies we needed, except basic kitchen items. It also came with a comic book and bag to keep all of the science tools together.

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