Friday, December 30, 2016

Field Trip To James Madison's ~ Montpelier

I will treasure this day, forever. It was truly a wonderful day, spent only with my son - my almost 12-year-old son. I had a realization today, in just six short years, he will be an adult. It is coming faster than I want it to. Today, he and I talked. I mean, we really talked and we carried on interesting conversations. And, I really listened to him. He is so smart, incredibly interesting and he is such a good person. Throughout the day, I looked my son eye-to-eye. That is still hard for me to get used to. When we arrived at Montpelier, he asked if he could take pictures with my camera. I handed it right over. He was excited to explore the camera and to take picture after picture. It was pure joy seeing him so excited about something. I am truly grateful for this day. ❤ This is a few pictures I took with my phone, I will share Griffin's photographs in the next post.

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