Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Science Class.

I would like to start by saying Griffin enjoys science class very much. He attends twice a month and the lessons are fun and informative. Yesterday, he was presented with a situation in which I feel he handled it as only he could. Let me explain ...

At the beginning of class, the scientist told the children the moon was once part of earth and it broke away to become the moon - and stated it as fact, not a theory or her opinion. (I'm unsure why she even shared that because it had nothing to do with today's class). Griffin respectfully raised his hand and when called on, beared witness to the Truth. He shared how God created everything - and he was unafraid to do so. I believe what my friend Melinda said, there was a bigger reason for Griffin to be at science class today, other than just to learn about rocks and minerals.

I have an incredible amount of respect for my son. He is strong, he is courageous and he is faithful to the one true God.

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