Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2nd Grade Economics Project

Griffin has an Economics Project due tomorrow ~ he knew right away he wanted to make candy airplanes. He chose the image to print on the gum, designed and created his advertisement (with a little, tiny bit of help from Mom) and he actually sat there and made all 20 of the airplanes. He decided to put two in a pack because they only cost 13 cents per airplane to make. This project will allow the students to gain understanding of the principles of economics. They will have the chance to be both producer and consumer. The children were to make 10 things to sell to their classmates. They were to cost less than $2 each to make. Each child will set a price for their item and try to sell it to their classmates. They had to create an advertisement to go with their product. After that they will get to be a consumer. His teacher will give each child $10 in play money to buy their classmates products. They get to keep the items they buy in order to make it authentic. I think he's going to have SO much fun tomorrow!

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