Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A New Shirt Every Day?

Driving to school this morning I glanced back and realized Griffin had on the same shirt he wore to school yesterday. I said "Hey Buddy, didn't you wear that shirt to school yesterday"? He glanced down and said "Yes, I did Momma. Are you supposed to wear different clothes to school everyday?" I told him yes, it was important to wear clean clothes everyday. He thought about it a minute and I think he realized he may be embarrassed to go to school with the same shirt on because he asked me if we could go home so he could change. We were already half way to school but I turned around so he could change. We pulled into the school parking lot with only one minute to spare before the tardy bell would ring. This just goes to show me ~ sometimes we think our kids just "know" things when in fact they really don't.

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