Monday, February 04, 2013

100 Days Of School ~ 2nd Grade

Griffin's school will celebrate the 100th day of school today. The children were asked to wear something with 100 things on it during the assembly this morning to celebrate the day!

Of course Griffin's favorite "thing" in the world is Legos. So, we made a necklace/sign for him to wear consisting of 100 of his favorite things ~ Legos! It's also easy for him to put on and take off during the day.

He counted out 100 Legos and put them in a plastic bag. Then we stapled it to the center of an 8x11 piece of white cardstock. Then we stapled a colorful border to frame the Legos. Using the Cricut we cut out the words "100 Days Of School". It was fun creating this Lego inspired 100 Days Of School project together!

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