Saturday, October 06, 2012

Griffin's Wild Animal Habitat Project.

Griffin turned in his "Wild Animal Habitat Project" on Friday.
He decided to do his on the honey badger.

This is his written report:

My report is on the honey badger. The honey badger is black and white. He is a member of the weasel family. He has fur, thick skin, sharp claws, sharp teeth, strong jaws and a long tail. They weigh between 15 and 29 pounds.

The honey badger lives in the dry grasslands and forests of Africa and Asia. They live alone in a self dug hole called a burrow.

Their favorite food is honey. It uses team work to find honey. A bird called a honey guide finds a bee hive but can not get into it. The bird guides the honey badger to the hive and then the honey badger breaks it open and eats. It has thick skin so if the bees sting him he is okay. It will back up to the bee hive and spray a stinky smell from under it’s tail and it is like a bee repellent. The honey badger is a predator and also eats snakes, porcupines, hares, tortoises, scorpions, termites, earth worms, lizards, fruits and berries.

Because the honey badger has thick skin they can be bitten by a king cobra or black mamba snake and they will still live.

The Guiness Book of World Records has recognized the honey badger as the most fearless animal in the world.

By Griffin G.

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Debra V said...

Wow, Griffin, this is an A+ report and project in my book! Who knew all that about a honey badger! Not me!! Thanks for educating me and letting me know about this fierce animal! I'll be sure to stay away from him if I ever come across him! Mom, I can tell you are proud, as you should be!!! Great job, guys!! Hugs to all, Debra