Monday, September 19, 2011

A Surprise In My Backpack.

The other day when Griffin got off the school bus he said Mommy I have a surprise in my backpack. I said great buddy you can show me when we get home.

Thinking it was more than likely something he chose from the teacher's prize box or perhaps something he created in art.

Instead, he pulled this out ...

Once we arrived home he was digging in his backpack and pulled out this little yellow flower. He said Mommy this is for you.

My heart melted.

He said he had found it in the morning in PE and knew I would like it. So, all through PE he held on to it. Then when he returned to his room he put it in his backpack.

I can absolutely say this is one of the sweetest most thoughtful things anyone has ever done for me. Knowing my little boy saw something he thought I would like and then making sure to give it to me ... well, I'm just moved to pieces.

The absolute best gift in the world is one given with a pure heart.

I love you buddy. =)


Miz Liz said...

That is very touching :) such a sweet little man

Cecile said...

Very precious! Cole used to bring those into the house to me all the time they grow in our yard...You are raising a very generous sweet boy:)