Thursday, January 20, 2011

Paper Rocket Ship.

Griffin has alot of toys.

{When I say alot ... I mean ALOT!}

I love it sometimes when he completely ignores them.

Take for instance yesterday when he came home from school ...

He wanted to make a rocket ship out of paper. Together he and I worked on it until we got it just the way he wanted.

Who needs bells, whistles, lights, and batteries when a handmade toy can be boy powered?

This guy ... he's so creative and smart ... and he has my heart.


Bonnie said...

Isnt' it amazing what kids can think up. That is exactly why he doesn't need ALOT of toys, lol. I'm glad some kids are creative enough to make things on their own. In this day and age, there aren't enough kids who even know how to do that or have the wonderful parents who don't just sit them in front of the tv or video games. Awesome kids come from Awesome parents.

Anonymous said...

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Cecile said...

What a sweetie:)Enjoy all of the moments no matter how simple or small:)