Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.

I love it for the fun, excitement, joy and wonder it brings. I love it for the costumes, the treats, the giggles, and silly stuff we do. What other day can Mommy wear a silly witch's hat with spider webs all over it?

Griffin's Halloween season has been packed full of fun things this year.

There was trick or treating at the campground, the Halloween parade and party at his school, the fall festival hosted by the local city, and last night the super fun party at Kaitlyn & Hailey's house.

Today we will carve our pumpkins and enjoy "Trunk or Treat" at a local church with lots of fun friends!

Since I love Halloween so much I thought I would share pictures of Griffin's past costumes.

Halloween 2010
This year he is Bumblebee The Transformer ... the youngest of the Transformers. Griffin LOVED this movie and he is totally into Transformers right now. A fun fact? He actually found his Bumblebee gloves first ... at Mrs. Lisa's yard sale. Then came the costume months later. How cool is that?

Halloween 2005
Griffin's first Halloween! I actually bought two different costumes his first Halloween. A giraffe and the pumpkin costume you see here. I wasn't sure which of the two he would wear but once I put the pumpkin costume on his I just knew that was THE one! Trying to get this picture of our then blue-eyed Griffin was harder than you think. It was home alone and trying to get a picture of him IN the wagon with pumpkin. It wasn't working so I settled on him sitting on the porch beside the pumpkin. It's one of my favorite pictures of him of all time.

Halloween 2006
Bob the Builder was his costume and he wore his "little engineer" helmet. How appropriate right? We had so much fun this year. It's the first time we went around to a few houses to trick or treat. The first one was The Oakes family and he LOVED it!

Halloween 2007
Captain Jack Sparrow at your service ... he was the cutest little pirate! In this picture he's not wearing all of the accessories (parrott, earring, necklace, etc). He was invited over to a neighbor's party and enjoyed partying with all the kids.

Halloween 2008
Nananananananananan Batman! He was so cute ... he loved being Batman. After going to a neighbor's party we went to a local church for Trunk or Treat.

Halloween 2009
He LOVED the movie Toy Story ... he watched it all the time. There was never, ever a question about what he would dress up like for Halloween. It was freezing cold and raining last year. We went house to house in our neighboring roads Trick or Treating in the buggy. He was over it about 30 minutes in. It was truly so much fun though!

I'm so looking forward to tonight ... first we'll carve those pumpkins, cook up some sloppy joes and french fries and then head to the Trunk or Treat!

We wish you a wonderful and safe Halloween!

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Sue said...

I LOVED seeing all the years of Halloween costumes! I love the first year the seems like just yesterday....he's growing so fast...and reading now! Next he'll be on the football