Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Cecile!!

Today is my fantastic friend Cecile's 41st Birthday!

Happy Birthday Cecile!

I love this picture of you and your Momma so I lifed it from your blog!


Wendy said...

Happy 41st Cecile, I Hope you Have Many Many More!!

robin c. said...

Hi Missy,

Finally catching up on some "reading". Griffin is sooooo
cute!!!!! Just wanted to let you know that I loved his school pictures and his fashion statement with his crocs.

Give him a hug for me!!

Judi said...

Happy Birthday Cecile!!

*Jilly* said...

Happy Birthday Cecile!

Bonnie said...

41????? I thought you were 29!

Cecile said...

Thanks so much Missy you are also one of my sweetest friends ever!!
I am so blessed to have met you and Bonnie and all of the ohter wonderful girls that I chat with daily..Thanks Bonnie you tried to reverse the aging process for me but it just doesn't work:)
Love ya bunches Missy!!!

Andi said...

Happy Birthday Cecile! The girl is 41!!! I thought she was about 28!!!