Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy.

Today is Daddy's Birthday ...

It's so hard to believe he's been gone from our lives for almost 10 years.

One of my biggest wishes is for my Daddy to have gotten to know Griffin. Daddy would have loved all of his mischievious boyish ways ... and boy Griffin would have LOVED his PaPa.

I remember when Griffin was a little guy, under a year old ... every once in awhile he would look up to something and stare at it with this sweet smile on his face and just laugh. I know some people may find it strange, but every time he did that I felt my Dad was visiting and only Griffin could truly tell he was here. I really believe that.

Happy Birthday Daddy ...

We LOVE you and MISS you every single day of our lives.


Colleen Wms said...

You said you get Family Fun magazine, right? Well check the Sept 08 issue on p.38 for the "A Day with Grampy" article. This sounds like a perfect project idea for you. If you need a copy of the article, I'll get it to you or I'm sure the library has the current issue displayed.
Then I googled
"family fun" "A Day with Grampy" -mygazines
and found a few other bloggers who have already run with the idea and posted about it.
I want to try this for my kids with memories of 2 of my grandparents who are recently deceased as well as their paternal grandfather who I never even met. My MIL will need to help me on that one.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

What a nice thought----and who knows??? you could well be right. (clap your hands if you believe---)

Andi said...

Oh Missy! I was lucky to have met your wonderful Daddy. He would have loved Griffin and Griffin would have adored him.

You know...I think you're right...that your Daddy is smiling down on Griffin and they're sharing a laugh from time to time.

Cecile said...

Awww. I feel the same way too I lost my Dad when I was 13 and he never met Cole or my niece Katie and I often think about how he would have loved them so very much but I do know he if looking down and is still a proud grandpa and I know that your Dad is too..Heck,Your Dad and my Dad may just be together up there is that special place:))

Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday, JC. He was a great man. And he is missed very much every day. I am a believer that he was visiting Griffin. I know he still walks the halls in his own house (where me and Jerome live). I know it's really hard on you Missy, as you were probably the closest to your daddy.