Monday, August 11, 2008

Vacation. Monday. August 4th.

Pike's Place Market ~ Seattle

Monday we went to the famous Pike's Place Market ... and it was wonderful!

The market was alive with people and there was so much to choose from. Fresh flowers, vegetables, fish, seafood, pastries, fresh herbs, gifts, paintings, prints ... if you wanted it ... it was there!

Mike, Griffin and me in from of the famous Public Market sign

Bett, Mike and Griffin in front of the same sign ... it looks like Griffin was cut out of both pictures

Fresh flowers were available everywhere ... and they were SO affordable!!

Fresh veggies were also in abundant supply

Surely you've heard of the fish market at Pike's Place where they throw fish ... well, they actually have several of them in the market. This is the first one we came upon. Bett is in the picture with one of the fish guys. This isn't the "famous" Pike's Place Fish Market though.

Here we have a picture of THE famous fish throwers at Pike's Place Fish Market. They were amazing. It was such fun watching them. When someone orders something they have this little routine they do and it's as if they all break out into song together.

Just look at this crab ... yummy!

We ended our visit with lunch at Ivar's on the waterfront. It was really good!!


Sue said... did go to Ivars!! I'm drooling just looking at the I"m loving this pictorial visit home. Thanks Missy!

Cecile said...

I love me some seafood!!
I know that you had a good time and some good food:))

Susie Q said...

I loved Seattle and oh how I loved the market. Your wonderful ohotos brough back many happy memories!

You had fun didn't you sweet Missy? I am SO glad!!