Friday, August 01, 2008

Thank You Cecile.

I am a lucky, lucky girl ...

I've met some wonderfully, terrific friends through blogging.

One of those amazing friends is my blogging friend

Look at this amazing layout I received in the mail from her today. She's so creative, so sweet and so very thoughtful!!

A closer look at the Griffin part of the layout

And take a look at this amazing kit she sent.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Cecile!!


Bonnie said...

What a wonderful, thoughtful thing to do, Cecile. You are a lucky girl, Missy. I know you'll have lots of fun with the kit she sent and I absolutely love the Griffin layout. Enjoy!

Judi said...

Cute! Cute!

GJG said...

yeah, yeah its cute, so now what do ya do with it? The way you women are assembling scrap books, doubt if the country has enough shelves to hold em all. (just joshing folks----cute makes this old codger nervous)

Gary (aka old dude)

Cecile said...

You are so so welcome I feel very blessed to have met you and call you my friend:)) Enjoy!!

Andi said...

What a cute the planes. Cecile is a sweetheart. I too have made some wonderful "blog" friends that I adore.

Be sure and show us what you create with the kit!