Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our Life.

Griffin is in the middle of potty training ... and honestly I never thought he was going to get it. But he had a majorly successful day yesterday. I'm sure not all readers want to hear all of the details ... but when your child tells you TWICE in one outing to town that he has to go pee-pee on the potty and actually DOES ... then I'm certain you can understand my joy. He also kept a dry pull-up the ENTIRE time we were out too! Not only that, he did #2 on the potty last night with no prodding from me. Oh happy day ... I think he's got it!! I'm soooo proud of him!!

Imagine how difficult it is to blog when your computer keyboard is right in the middle of an airplane landing strip.

Something cute from Griffin last night ...

It was 10:24 pm and I let out a pretty loud sneeze.

Overhead on the monitor:
"God Bless You Mommy" ... from our sweet boy.

Awwwww ... I just wanted to go upstairs and give him a big hug and kiss. I don't know if he was actually sleep talking or if he was awake when he said this. Doesn't matter to me ... it just warmed my heart.

I would LOVE to know who visits my blog from Maidens, VA. I have this nifty little thing on my blog that tells me where people are from that visit my blog and it also tells me how you get here. This frequent visitor uses a google link for missy made it blog. Please email me to let me know who you are! I'd love to know.

Happy Saturday Everyone!!


Colleen Wms said...

WAY TO GO on the potty training. What I always heard when we were training here, when they're ready, they're ready, is such a true statement. Rewards like M&Ms, Barbie dolls and new spongebob, spiderman and diego underpants worked here.
I noticed that Gymboree has airplane underwear and a few people on ebay are selling them. I think they are "last year's" pattern. Does he have them yet??

*Jilly* said...

Good job little buddy!
You too mom..

Love the landing strip..too funny!

Cecile said...

I am so proud of Griffin:))
I hope yall have a great weekend:))

Judi said...

Good job Griffin!! I also love the landing strip. I often have to deal with a cat walking back and forth on my keyboard.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

you obviously will have to move the computer operations off the runway------your a landing hazard.

Andi said...

Love your landing strip!!! Now don't move any of those without checking it with the tower...looks like Griffin has them lined up for takeoff!

Congrats on a successful day of potty training. That's a big accomplishment in my book.

-Jennifer said...

LOL @ your landing strip!! You've gotta find some John Deere briefs for that big boy!!

Sue said...

Way to go little G...I mean big boy! Make sure you "take off" all your planes so Mom can
I like the idea of airplane underpants...sounds fun! I remember when underoos (do they still have them?) came kids just HAD to have them.

Bonnie said...

WTG "G". I know it's gonna be a big relief for you now that he's a big boy. My kids were fast learners in that department, thank goodness. Love the airstrip...what an imagination Griffin has. I think he deserves both John Deere and Airplane undies.