Sunday, August 03, 2008

Airplane Spinners.

Okay ... so by now you have probably figured out that our family loves most things related to flying and airplanes.

So ... with that in mind ... isn't this just the cutest thing you've ever seen?

It's an airplane spinner for the flower garden. They have one of these over at Hanover Airport (where Mike flies) and it's just darling in their garden.

We HAVE to have one of these. They actually have several to choose from.

If you are interested in seeing their selection
click here!


Judi said...

Very cute!!

Sue said...

Cute Missy! How is Mike feeling now...better?

Cecile said...

To Cute:))
Makes me think of Griffin when I saw them!
Have fun!

GJG said...

next thing you know you will be going nuts over Weather Vanes---Then it will be Wind Mills---theres not telling how far you will go.

Gary (aka old dude)

Simple Man said...

They had one of those at the flea market we went to last weekend.....way to go Mike

*Jilly* said...

So adorable! It's totally Griffin:)