Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Using What I Have.

When I was working on an order earlier today, I came across this Griffin Tear Bear Title that I had made as an example. So ... after I finished the order, I decided to make a quick page.

Isn't it funny ... once a layout is finished and you think it's all completed and ready for the scrapbook, you look at it and think ... oh .... I should have done this, this, this and that instead.

Oh well ... I really like the way it turned out. I just wish I would have bordered all of the dark blue areas with dark red to make it match a little better.

And I wish my photos would show up more clear on my blog. I visit many blogs where the images are so clear, but mine always show up kind of blurry.


Andi said...

I'm so impressed...2 Griffin layouts in as many days! You go, girl! That's a really cute picture of G...I think the page looks wonderful.

Jen said...

You go girl 2 for 2! I think you need to put something on your sidebar with your number of completed layouts since 9/24/07 :o)

Sue said...

Another GREAT page completed! Love the little tear bear...so cute.
When ya get some time, take a look at my blog at: http://susabella17.blogspot.com/

Karen said...

I love your pages... so so cute.

as for my pics... I upload them to flickr and then just use the HTML code provided by flickr for the medium sized pics to post them in my blog. Pretty simple. fwiw I think your pics look great :)