Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pizza Party.

On Thursday we had some friends over for a playdate and pizza party. We let the kids play inside (it was too wet outside), then make pizzas for lunch and then after lunch we finally went outside to play on Fort Griffin.

Let me introduce some of our buddies ...

This is Darius ...

This is Ryan ...

This is Sam ...

And this is Evan ... or Baby Evan as Griffin calls him. Evan will be 1 today (Sunday) ... so Happy, Happy Birthday Evan!!

And these are the mommies ... well ... everyone except Latisha is a mommy (she's Darius' Aunt and Keisha's Sister). So from left to right ... Latisha, Keisha, Heidi and Carol. The ladies are all admiring Carol's scrapbook ... she is a phenomenal scrapbooker and I picked up ALOT of great ideas for my own scrapbook from her.

Pizza fixings ... I have to tell you ... this was SO much fun!

Me and Griffin making his pizza.

Darius, Latisha and Sam making their pizzas. Ryan decided he didn't want to make one, so we made it for him.

All the boys playing near Fort Griffin.

The "big" boys playing on the tractor. Just you wait ... Evan will soon be in this picture.

I've always know that I have some really good friends in these ladies ... but Thursday just proved it even more.

Thank you all for coming to our house!


Andi said...

Missy that looks like so much fun! I want to come play in Fort Griffin and make a pizza too!!!

I'm so glad you have nice friends close to you up there. I'm sure those Mommy's will be hearing their kids say..."I want to go to Griffin's house to play".

Anonymous said...

oh how fun!!

TK Angels said...

How fun!! I love it when mommies get together and have a grand time with the kids.

Thanks for sharing

take care,

Jolene George said...

How fun are these pictures. What a bunch of cute kids.

Sheila said...

So cute! I remember how fun these days were when my own kids were little. I miss getting together with the moms while the kids play. We used to do that a lot back then.

Susie Q said...

This just looks like so much fun!!
Such a fun idea!
You ARE a super MOM!!

I know you had as much fun as the kids!